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“Our logistics provision is tailored to the needs of your business, and our experience in this challenging field is second to none”.

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Our uniformed drivers regularly visit every UK postcode. All vehicles are equipped with stair walkers and specialist lifting tools to move large, heavy, out of gauge, valuable and/or fragile equipment. Our modern fleet of vehicles are fitted with air suspension for a smooth ride, and full length cantilever tail lifts for safe deliveries to difficult access points.
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All our vehicles operate with 2-man crews, trained to deliver a broad range of on site technical services. They will place products in their position of use, unwrap and recycle the packaging, set up and even commission if required. We offer on-site training for new products and decommission and uplift existing equipment.
Our distribution logistics framework is ideal for manufacturers looking to provide a class leading service to the UK market place. Fast turnaround product customisation and quick route to market, coupled with our leading asset management services make us the natural choice.
A set of Supply Chain Management services encompassing the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and all logistics management activities.

Planning, Project Management

Our team of logistics planners and call centre staff manage the ordering process simply and effectively. We have 4 dedicated project managers to manage larger scale roll out across large equipment estates.
We manage the complete admin process from receipt of order to installation.

Real time...

We utilise Psion EP10 units across the fleet to provide ‘sign on glass’ real time updates on progress. You will be able to track progress of individual orders, access signature info via the web and record specific machine location data. Every installed machine is photographed once in location.


A broad range of vehicles are used to ensure every job can be tackled without fuss. From 3.5t box through to the very latest Mercedes Antos 18t super efficient cruiser. Every vehicle carries stair walkers and specialist lifting gear, and are tracked for real time position and on the fly status updates.
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