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Reverse logistics is a fundamental part of lifecycle management. This forms a single, but significant part of the logistics service we provide.

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The key to a successful supply chain is not only planning how to distribute & install your equipment, but how to complete one equipment lifecycle and begin a new cycle through remanufacture. Managing this lifecycle effectively lets you recapture value, reduce write-offs and keep your customers happy. In addition, we will manage all of the waste and environmental implications via our integrated approach to waste, recycling, energy & environmental compliance. This can reduce your carbon footprint, save you money & help you meet environmental targets.



Stores, Inventory, Customise

Our team of logistics planners and call centre staff manage the ordering process simply and effectively. We have 4 dedicated project managers to manage larger scale roll out across large equipment estates.
We manage the complete admin process from receipt of order to installation.
As part of the stores and customise service, we have direct links to many original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs. This, in addition to the comprehensive stores department we operate, enables us to move equipment through the process quickly and efficiently, achieving some of the lowest lead times in the industry.
We store over 8,000 items of equipment, from vending machines to chillers to espresso equipment, all at different stages of their lifecycle. We have a timely and effective process for bringing any condition of machine to a market ready state and applying late stage customisation before we install at your customers location.
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