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“Our unrivalled capability covers coffee and espresso equipment, vending, chillers, dispense, refrigeration and catering”.

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Remanufacturing is an established process that restores old products to like new performance and saves cost, energy, natural resources, land fill and reduces air pollution. By extending product life and giving products numerous lives, remanufacturing saves up to 60% of the cost of a new equivalent, and 85% of the energy that went in to manufacturing the product the first time. A product can always be scrapped, but if we can add numerous lives to that product before it gets scrapped we have really helped save our environment and drive value into every business.

Preparation & Paint

Quality Assured

Build & Test

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Surface preparation is the essential first stage treatment of metals and plastics before the application of any coating. We employ comprehensive and modern technologies to ensure that every machine is thoroughly cleaned, made good and sanded to a super smooth finish - no matter what condition we receive it in.
Only then do we start the paint process, using only environmentally safe, food grade paints which are baked for 30 minutes to ensure a finish that’s often more durable than new.
Our remanufactured equipment goes through a comprehensive, multi stage quality assurance process before being passed. We are so confident of our quality credentials, all equipment leaves with a full warranty.
We work very closely with our customers to understand the challenges they face working with different equipment types. Performance trends are captured and analysed, and this learning is incorporated into the build process to reduce or eliminate these issues.
With up to 240 individual checks in the quality control phase, our remanufactured equipment is indistinguishable from new.
Particular attention is paid to ensuring all components going into every machine we process are of the highest quality - as a rule we only work with original manufacturers parts. Many items are replaced or upgraded proactively to ensure optimum reliability in the field.
We offer a range of remanufacture options depending on the type and condition of the equipment, level of customisation and your individual specification.
All work is undertaken in house by our own technicians to ensure traceability and consistency.
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